JAC设计透漏出简约而不简单的风格,表达出坚毅中而不失性感,现代并时尚的女性追求,她们前卫,敢于挑战,并无时不刻透出酷风格,她们年龄层在25-45岁之间,在城市中有着优越的生活,通过这种穿衣风格,表达出她们“前卫、休闲与时尚”的生活和工作方式。在设计手法上运用皱纹羊毛、毛线编织和网纱等奢华且富有质感的面料,通过黑、白、灰和灰褐等中性色调的自由拼接组合,淋漓尽致地展现出Kate Moss通灵魅力般的低调设计,以满足她们对无忧无虑生活态度的追求和爱的愿景。在庆祝Jacqueline Conoier主品牌诞生28周年的同时,确定了JAC下一步的发展重点是中国市场。

JAC design of a simple but not simple style, expressing the determination without losing, sexy, modern and fashionable female pursuit, they avant-garde, dare to challenge, no not engraved with cool style, their age between 25-45 years old, has a superior living in the city, through this style of dress, to express their "fashion, leisure and fashion" way of life and work. Application of wool, wool knitting yarn wrinkles and other luxurious and rich texture of the fabric in the design methods, through the free combination of black, white, gray and gray brown, neutral tone, most incisive show low-key design Kate Moss psychic charming, to meet their carefree attitude to life and the pursuit of love vision. Born in celebration of the Jacqueline Conoier main brand 28 anniversary at the same time, the development has been three years of history of the new brand JAC the next step is for the Chinese market.

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